Q: Is there going to me a Rise of the MK: Part 5 and what happens in it?
A: At this point, I'm gonna have to give a big NO!  I'm going back to making shorter movies.


Q: If I email you will you write back?
A: Most likely yes! I try to get back to all my fans. There are only a few exceptions. I don't respond to emails like this:

"Send me (insert movie here)."
"Send me (insert any file here)."
"What is the song in (insert movie here)."

First off I hate rude people, so if you don't ask nicely, I won't respond. As far as sending my flash .fla files, music files, sound effects, etc. here is why I won't.  For my .fla files (flash) I won't just give them out to anyone. I worked too long and hard on my movies for my resources to just be grabbed and used by anyone.  There are rare times when I make my .flas available to members of the forum for contests. So check there from time to time. If you want music files, do what I did to get them. Search the web, Kazaa, etc. Many of these files are too big to send over email. Not to mention that since the release of the Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom series I receive at least 15 emails a day from people requesting files.  I simply don't have time to satisfy all the requests!  And lastly, if you want to know the name of a song in a movie of mine, READ THE CREDITS! You will mostl likely find it there as I always list them.




Q: Teach me flash!
A: No. Sorry buddy, I wish I had the time to teach all the people that ask me this!  I suggest joining the VGDC Forums and asking your questions there, or by doing the tutorials at Flashkit.com or Flashplanet.com




Q: What programs do I need to learn to make VG Flash movies?
A : There are four things you need to learn to make VG flash movies.
1. Macromedia Flash.
2. An image editing program (Adobe Photoshop and Jasc Paintshop Pro are examples)
3. A video game emulator with roms. (An emulator is software that lets you play old console and arcade games on your computer. A rom is the actual game file)
4. A sound editor. In most cases you can find vg sound effects on the web. But sometimes you may need custom sounds, or sounds you can't find, and sound editors are handy in removing certain things.
If you become familiar with these 4 programs, making VG movies should be no problem.


Q: Do you know of a good site to get sprites? (Video game graphics)
A: I know an excellent site. Check out The Spriters Resource for all your sprite needs!


Q: I need to rip my own sprites. Can you just give me a quick rundown of getting a sprite into flash?
A: Sure, but once you get the sprites in, it's up to you to learn how to animate them.
Some people may argue with me, but as a graphic artist, the following is what I find to be the easiest way. I would never use the trace bitmap feature in flash to remove the backgrounds from sprites. It makes them look like shit! Instead I'm going to tell you steps using photoshop. (Paintshop pro should be similar.)
1. Using your emulator, find the exact animation frame you need.
2. Some emulators let you remove backgrounds, sprites, etc. using the number keys. I suggest using these if they're available. Now hit the Prt Scn key on the top right corner of the keyboard.
3. Open Up your image editing program and select edit: paste (or hit control V)
4. Erase the background around your sprite.
5. Now (using Photoshop 5 and above) go to File: Save for web. Make sure the image is a .Gif, the transparency box is selected, and the colors are around 128 (to be safe). Then hit Save.
6. Import the .Gif into Flash.