Q: Who is Arnie? And where is he?
A: Click here to learn all about Arnie. He shows up from time to time in my movies. To find him in Super Duper Mario 2 look in the following spots:
1. When Mario first runs out of the pipe on the platform above with the coins.
2. After Mario climbs the vine and jumps off, watch as he jumps onto the pipe a Pirahna Plant just came out of. Arnie will pop out quick!
3. When the credits pop up, right click the movie (Mac's control click) and select play. There's the last one!
Be sure to roll over each one to hear their funny sayings. (Clips from the REAL Arnie from the movie "What's Eating Gilbert Grape".)

Q: Didn't this game just come out? Where did you get the graphics and music!
A: Mostly from Nintendo's Mario website: www.mario.nintendo.com. Things I couldn't get I obtained from the awesome site www.mfgg.net (Under the sprites section)  Music and sound effects were obtained from the Nintendo site, as well as members of my forums and fans. If you google around you should be able to find them.

Q: Why does Mario make all kinds of noises when he runs?
A: I thought it would be cool to change the sound his feet make on different terrain (like in the games) So when he runs on grass, it sounds like grass. On the bricks, it sounds like he's running on a hard surface. And through Koopa blood...well it sounds like koopa blood i guess.

Q: There are too many bricks in the movie. Like in the ceiling when he's outside etc.
A: I've always wanted to do this in a Mario movie since I started making them.  I always liked this look since I first played around with the Game Genie on the NES. I figured out certain codes that would give you levels outside with brick roofs and all.  Later when I got into hacking games, I actually made a few SMB NES games that looked like this.  So that's why I made them look like that in SDM2.

Q: What is that gray stuff on Mario's feet.
A: I thought it would look cool again if he kicked up dust like he did in ROTMK4. So that's dust you see when he lands, slides, jumps. etc.

Q: I like how points come out of enemies when mario kills them, but there's no score counter, only a coin counter.
A: I did that for a fun realistic game effect, (and an excuse for the 1-UP sound) but I wasn't going as far as counting points!

Q: Why do you always rely on toilet humor for laughs?
A: Because when you have the mentality of a nine year old, shit-jokes are always funny to you,  And what better way to display it then through a fat, ravioli-eating plumber!

Q: I love that close-up Koopa Animation! Who did it?
A: My buddy Al. He's a kick-ass artist huh? Look for more of his stuff in future VGDC movies.

More questions to come as I get 'em!